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DEMAND/DECLARE (2016) is a series documenting locations of events and interactions where I was denied full personhood. The quartet of images mixes interior and exterior spaces, exploring both the public – street harassment as I hurried to catch a bus, clients invading my personal space at my place of work – and the private –  places I argued with a former lover, the room in which I was sexually assaulted.

I first photographed each collage using medium format black and white film, referencing the 1960s and 70s while achieving a greater level of detail than digital or 35mm film. Next, I scanned and digitally edited each negative before compiling the final pieces together, bringing the methods back into contemporary discourse. The images chosen are architectural, non-personal. Any figures contained within the photographs become background objects, rather than subjects, allowing me the power of choice in the portrayal of the space.

DEMAND/DECLARE strongly references a previous body of work, titled Not Interested: A Reaction in my obsession with public spaces as event locations. Where Not Interested used interviews and experiences of other women, DEMAND/DECLARE draws solely from my own history.

SEE ME becomes a mantra, repeated over and over as a plea and a command. In these events, I have not been seen. I have not been heard. I have been treated as less than. By creating this work, I recreate my own voice and assert that I am here.